Eye-widening news – when you find out you’re having twins..

Excited. Thrilled. Scared. Daunted. Blessed. Worried. Lucky.

All these emotions flooded through me as I lay on the bed at the private consulting room where we went for an early reassurance scan for my third pregnancy. The sonographer, a very charming man named Dominic cheerfully informed us that there were two babies there.

I grabbed DH’s hand and began to squeeze while my eyes never left the scan screen as I greedily  drank in the images from the ultra-sound. We started referring to them as twins 1 and 2 quite quickly as though we’d been used to that all our life.

Dominic informed us that they were non-identical twins, who each had their own sacs which is better for both them and me. He congratulated us and advised to let the NHS system know of his discovery as soon as possible as the treatment plan for twins is very different to those expecting only one baby.

We drove home, grinning enough that we both remarked that our cheek muscles hurt like they did on our wedding day from beaming so much.

Ten days on and the news is still really sinking in. Friends and family are overjoyed for us and the news has spread like wildfire and people keep congratulating me which is lovely though we haven’t told the DSes yet.

I touch my tummy and smile to myself and then take a deep breath wondering how we’re going to cope. I have started this blog so we can see.



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