Are you going to find out what you’re having?

As I explained in a previous post those we’ve shared our news with aren’t backward in coming forwards with questions for us about the impending arrivals.

This is the one that most people ask and yesterday we had our 20 week anomaly further dating scan which is where we’re able to find out the gender of the twins.

I was rather nervous as although I have just started to feel definite movements and kicks over the last week (and naturally,  every time I try and get DH’s hand to feel them, of course they stop) I’m not sure how many babies I’m feeling!

So the question is, did we find out?

There is a trend  Stateside that is slowly making its way across the pond to host a party to divulge a baby’s sex often at another event slowly being adopted by usually sensible Brits the baby shower. This is usually done with a mystery cake which reveals with pink or blue innards!

girlcake boycake

There was a story in the news this week (forgive the DM link) about new mum Sarah who spent THREE GRAND on getting everything ready for the arrival of her baby girl. She even went as far as getting her name stencilled on the nursery wall. Except that when the baby arrived it was a boy!

But this isn’t the only reason that we declined to discover the sex of the twins. We told our consultant at the ultrasound our decision that we didn’t want to find out so as she was checking femur lengths and that all FOUR feet were there, she turned the screen away from us.

Apart from the fact that mistakes can be made as poor Sarah discovered,  we didn’t find out what either of our boys were before hand so we didn’t want to this time.

We’re not going to decorate a nursery (I anticipate that the twins will be in our room for the first six months as per Lullaby Trust advice)  and whoever comes along will be wearing whites, creams, blues, browns and primary colours that we already have, regardless of gender.

I certainly think this element of the unknown adds to the excitement of meeting your new baby and in the case of non-Caesarean births, perhaps gives you an extra incentive to push!








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