Six things you need to get ready for potty training

So outside of medical appointments and wowing people with our fecundity, life goes on with our other children.

We’re coming to the latter half of the summer holidays now and I have three and a half weeks before DS2 starts at preschool. The staff there are fab and understanding but I’d like to get him on his way to minimise accidents and am conscious that I’m not getting any more agile as I get bigger.

So here are my tips for D-Day which is tomorrow.


1 A potty. We have had ours in the downstairs loo since a toddler visitor about 6 weeks ago and DS has been having the occasional sit down on it but thus far has produced nothing. In fact he worryingly keeps removing the innard and sitting on the empty “hole”.

We also have one upstairs. Note to self: put newspaper down.

2 Pants. Lots and lots of pants. I’m hoping that DS2 will like the same diggers and cars that are on DS1’s hand me downs as I’m not too thrilled about buying more.

3 Sticker chart (template I used is here) and I added some of the copious characters that DS likes on to it.

4 Distraction toys – I have a box of (easy to clean!)  things for him to play with as he sits that he will only have access to in the loo.

5 Bribery currency. In my case, chocolate buttons. Not only is chocolate a laxative but both my children will do pretty much anything for the caramel ones.

6  Patience in abundance. Hmm. I’ll keep you posted on that one.  I have an alarm on my iPhone that goes off when it’s time to leave to drop/pick up DS1 from school which DS2 does recognise. So I am planning on setting a timer every half an hour  tomorrow (with a different ringtone alert so as not to confuse him) for “potty time!”

potty time


Wish me luck!




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