Back to school! Hurrah!

new term

So here we are the eve of a new term as the weather promises to heat up again.

I’m getting an early night – as I’m sure the 8.45 drop-off will be a bit of a shocker after lazy days of the holidays.
The uniform’s ready, everything labelled and my Facebook timeline is full of cheery smiles of the children of friends all of whom are starting new forms with gently tanned faces from long summer days.

Now for my trivia point of the day.  Academic years begin in September because students were given time off over summer months to help with the harvest – now the September 1st looms over anyone due to have a baby around then as class-year cut-off dates are agonised over.
But September is also a good time in my experience to start a new regime – Mumsnetters across the country are on Christmas little black dress countdown diets and I have friend training in earnest for a half marathon.
I will be helping DS1 with his handwriting after school as he didnt do  any as much over the summer as my good intentions had planned.
On a more personal note, I will be starting Operation Nesting Phase 1 – which is to sort out some long overdue household admin and clutter clearing. I will have TWELVE glorious hours of child-free time a week as DS2 starts preschool in earnest on Thursday – the potty training is a work in progress but he’s doing very well.
Watch this space as my life hopefully becomes organised, aligned, alphabetised and run with clockwork precision.

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