New year, resolutions and all that

So I’m not entirely sure I believe in resolutions. It puts a lot of pressure on you right when the works is at its bleakest, in mid winter. Blue Monday anyone?
But, I did get books on happiness the from the brilliant Gretchen Rubin for Christmas from my lovely sister Anton
Then I downloaded the happiness app from the Guardian, which challenged me to take up a photo 365 challenge.
I remembered that actually I had sort of resolved to blog more often. And actually the WordPress app is super easy to use when I remember about it, so the two things would work together.
As I type it is nearly 10am, I haven’t taken my pic for the day, but getting started is half the battle in my experience.
So here is my picture for the day, Imogen happier pushing her buggy after a day of being miserable. Happiness is easy when you’re 13 months; when you’re in your 30s you might have to work a bit harder.



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