New Mum Hacks

Found out today that a school friend had a baby when I didn’t know she was pregnant – funny how Facebook friendships are like that. I thought I’d list my new mum hacks for her, these are for mums of twins as well as “singletons” any new baby is a big deal we don’t discriminate.

Nappies: save the cotton wool balls and water for after the first few days – meconium is impossible to clean with a cotton ball and even if you’ve had a baby before, newborns are delicate things and you feel like a total noob when they flail their little legs about, so use a wipe and get the nappy changed asap. Oh, and of course, (and this is something that many folk work out too late so forgive me if you do know already) the reason little bodysuits have envelope necks is so that if there’s an explosion you can pull it down around their legs and off.

If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Look after you first and foremost. Make time to have a quick shower – you will feel better. Food is important for you and the baby hence my next three:

squishy faceFind food you can eat with a fork – pasta, casserole, etc so you can cuddle baby with one hand andactually eat with another. Ready meals eaten with a newborn don’t count. If you are organised enough before the baby then do by all means fill the freezer with nutritious home cooked stuff but if not, Cook give you a discount if you’re a new mum and they do lovely oven chuckers to keep you fuelled while you gaze adoringly at your baby.

Cereal bars and banana by the bed with water if you are breastfeeding in the middle of the night to curb hunger pangs.

Activia Prune yoghurt and granola for granola and also for snacking calorie wise PLUS  Fybogel to get everything moving again post birth (tmi)

Keep your mind vaguely busy if you can:

Amazingly, eight years ago when I had DS1 I didn’t have a smart phone and just listened to audio books to while away the time in the middle of the night. For DS2 and the twins I have availed myself of my iPhone/iPad to email people in the middle of the night, watch terrible telly on iPlayer.

Try and enjoy it if you can – you can never spend too long gazing at a newborn.




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