New Mum Hacks

Found out today that a school friend had a baby when I didn’t know she was pregnant – funny how Facebook friendships are like that. I thought I’d list my new mum hacks for her, these are for mums of twins as well as “singletons” any new baby is a big deal we don’t discriminate.

Nappies: save the cotton wool balls and water for after the first few days – meconium is impossible to clean with a cotton ball and even if you’ve had a baby before, newborns are delicate things and you feel like a total noob when they flail their little legs about, so use a wipe and get the nappy changed asap. Oh, and of course, (and this is something that many folk work out too late so forgive me if you do know already) the reason little bodysuits have envelope necks is so that if there’s an explosion you can pull it down around their legs and off.

If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Look after you first and foremost. Make time to have a quick shower – you will feel better. Food is important for you and the baby hence my next three:

squishy faceFind food you can eat with a fork – pasta, casserole, etc so you can cuddle baby with one hand andactually eat with another. Ready meals eaten with a newborn don’t count. If you are organised enough before the baby then do by all means fill the freezer with nutritious home cooked stuff but if not, Cook give you a discount if you’re a new mum and they do lovely oven chuckers to keep you fuelled while you gaze adoringly at your baby.

Cereal bars and banana by the bed with water if you are breastfeeding in the middle of the night to curb hunger pangs.

Activia Prune yoghurt and granola for granola and also for snacking calorie wise PLUS  Fybogel to get everything moving again post birth (tmi)

Keep your mind vaguely busy if you can:

Amazingly, eight years ago when I had DS1 I didn’t have a smart phone and just listened to audio books to while away the time in the middle of the night. For DS2 and the twins I have availed myself of my iPhone/iPad to email people in the middle of the night, watch terrible telly on iPlayer.

Try and enjoy it if you can – you can never spend too long gazing at a newborn.




How to move twins from a cot to a bed

Picture the scene. Finally all the children are in bed and my husband and I are snuggled up on the sofa about to watch something on Netflix when we hear a thump, followed by tears.

Our youngest child is a complete gymnast and she’s managed to get out of her cot. The whole game has changed. Both she and her sister have up to now been pretty good at going to bed – we have a routine of sorts in as much as they have a beaker of milk, listen to some plinky plonky lullabies on Spotify and you hand them the correct teddies in order and they’ll both usually head to the Land of Nod.

But now we are going to have to deal with the ability to get OUT of the cot.

Our plans are to change the cot to a cot-bed and put a stair gate on the door, remove any furniture on which she can climb (see previous reference to gymnastics) and hope for the best. We anticipate quite a lot of Tanya Byron’s Rapid Return.

We have a trip to the Bedruthan Steps hotel planned next week – and we think we will have them both in beds then, so it could be that the honeymoon period is over….watch this space and wish us luck.

6 reasons why co sleeping with twins worked for me

1 it is easier to breast feed when lying down
2 you’re not constantly up and down between bed and cot
3 it’s reassuring to open one eye and check on your babies, they’re RIGHT there
4 it is a lot easier to snooze while feeding ( see point 1)
5 they may not both be in the bed at the same time so it can give you qt with that one baby
6 even though you may get a bedhog like this one, it’s still lovely

And yes, I know this picture only shows one baby asleep.


What’s in a name?

So I have been thinking about whether I should keep the name of this blog as 2winterest. I chose it before the girls were born, and I was spending a fair amount of time on Pinterest and I liked the pun, and the Prince style 2 amused me too.

Now that the girls are nearly 8 months old, I am trying to blog more often. I briefly thought about whether it was the right name.

When I was at university people would have vague epithets to describe people. “You know Freddie? He’s tall, in a band, plays rugby?” Mine was, “Olivia; loud, does classics.” Not quite white armed Penelope in the Homeric tradition but hey ho.

These days, I am OliviaWithTheTwins. The girls have changed so much in my life and the way I think about things, that I think it’s only right that they are an integral part of my identity.

9 months later…

Well we survived Project Organisation. I did indeed manage to get everything alphabetised and aligned. In fact, I was concentrating so much on labelling anything that didn’t move in the house and preparing emergency documents and welcome packs for our fabulous mothers help that I didn’t have time to blog about any of it!

We also nailed Project Birth (for gory details, click here )  our two baby daughters arrived safely and quite quickly in the world at 38 weeks spot on in December. They are utterly wonderful.


Since then, well, we have been getting to grips with, well, all of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in on the various tricks and strategies I’ve been implementing to deal with the rather massive change from two children to four, dealing with twins and not drowning in the laundry mountain as I blog more regularly.

But what’s finally got me me to start blogging again, is that I have won a place in  Team Spatone. Training starts TOMORROW! I am nervous, clueless and excited.





Are you going to find out what you’re having?

As I explained in a previous post those we’ve shared our news with aren’t backward in coming forwards with questions for us about the impending arrivals.

This is the one that most people ask and yesterday we had our 20 week anomaly further dating scan which is where we’re able to find out the gender of the twins.

I was rather nervous as although I have just started to feel definite movements and kicks over the last week (and naturally,  every time I try and get DH’s hand to feel them, of course they stop) I’m not sure how many babies I’m feeling!

So the question is, did we find out?

There is a trend  Stateside that is slowly making its way across the pond to host a party to divulge a baby’s sex often at another event slowly being adopted by usually sensible Brits the baby shower. This is usually done with a mystery cake which reveals with pink or blue innards!

girlcake boycake

There was a story in the news this week (forgive the DM link) about new mum Sarah who spent THREE GRAND on getting everything ready for the arrival of her baby girl. She even went as far as getting her name stencilled on the nursery wall. Except that when the baby arrived it was a boy!

But this isn’t the only reason that we declined to discover the sex of the twins. We told our consultant at the ultrasound our decision that we didn’t want to find out so as she was checking femur lengths and that all FOUR feet were there, she turned the screen away from us.

Apart from the fact that mistakes can be made as poor Sarah discovered,  we didn’t find out what either of our boys were before hand so we didn’t want to this time.

We’re not going to decorate a nursery (I anticipate that the twins will be in our room for the first six months as per Lullaby Trust advice)  and whoever comes along will be wearing whites, creams, blues, browns and primary colours that we already have, regardless of gender.

I certainly think this element of the unknown adds to the excitement of meeting your new baby and in the case of non-Caesarean births, perhaps gives you an extra incentive to push!







Telling other people

Top five unhelpful replies from people when I announced our twin news

(And my private thoughts on hearing them)

1 You’re joking.
Er. No. Why would I make a whole baby up?! Michael McIntyre manages a whole stint at the O2 without cracking that one.
2 <insert expletive of choice here>
We are rather surprised and taken aback and terrified yes and thanks for the reassuring vote of confidence.
3 Was it IVF?
As it happens no it wasn’t. But really? Is it any of your business if it was?
4 You should put one on eBay!
Because an internet auction is the obvious solution to having an extra baby that you weren’t necessarily expecting.
5 You must make sure you sort your contraception out straight away.
And no, this wasn’t from a health professional but an acquaintance with whom I’m barely on first name terms. I nearly fell over – it seems that once your uterus is up for discussion so is everything else.