M is for mmmmm (aka pregnancy cravings)

I thought I would try and live up to the “interesting” part of my blog name and share something that I discovered that interested me.

When I was pregnant with my boys, I developed a taste for sparkling water – quite a healthy one all things considered. This time round though, only one thing will do and that’s peanut M&Ms.

Have you ever wondered how they get the ems on your M&Ms?

A conveyor printing press is used to print the tiny white M’s on each M&M – which were originally black, not white. Because the peanut sizes vary, the press must be always adjusted to prevent smashing the peanuts in peanut M&Ms. Regular M&Ms, all the same size, are much easier to send through the printer.

In a packet of regular M&MS you get 33% brown, 22% each of red and yellow and 11% each of green and blue.


In 1981, M&M’s® Chocolate were chosen by the first space shuttle astronauts to be included in their food supply. M&M’s are now on permanent display at the space food exhibit of the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. Not to mention passengers on Air Force One get boxes with the Presidential Seal (well, they do in the West Wing)

So much tastier now you know these things, no?